IBM Introduces its Storage Scale System 6000

IBM recently announced its newest IBM Storage Scale System solution, introducing its Storage Scale System 6000. IBM’s cloud-scale global software-defined data platform addresses the escalating demands of data-intensive workloads and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

New: IBM Storage Scale System 6000

Part of the IBM Storage for Data and AI portfolio, the new Storage Scale System 6000 offers high-performance parallel file systems with up to 7 million IOPs and up to 256GB/s throughput. It is optimized for storing semi-structured and unstructured data, such as video, imagery, text, and more, in hybrid environments.

IBM Storage Scale System 6000 incorporates IBM FlashCore Modules (FCM) for greater data efficiencies and economies of scale, providing lower cost and energy consumption than previous flash drives. It also offers inline hardware-accelerated data compression and encryption. The system is engineered to accelerate AI workloads with features like NVMeoF turbo tier, parallel multi-tenant data isolation, and computational storage drives.

This system connects data with an open ecosystem of multi-vendor storage options, including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and other public clouds, and it provides faster access to data with over 2.5 times the throughput and two times the IOPs performance of market-leading competitors.

Focus on AI

The Storage Scale System 6000 offers a high-performance parallel file system that can handle data-intensive AI workloads. It provides up to 7 million IOPs (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and up to 256GB/s throughput for read-only workloads. This level of performance ensures that AI applications can access and process data quickly, reducing latency and improving overall efficiency.

Engineered to work with popular AI frameworks and tools, the system allows data scientists and AI researchers to access and analyze data stored on the platform easily. It supports AI workloads by providing high-throughput and low-latency data access.

The Storage Scale System 6000 supports NVIDIA AI solutions and integrates with NVIDIA Magnum IOTM GPUDirect Storage (GDS). This enables a direct path between GPU memory and storage, improving data access for AI applications. It also supports high-speed networking with NVIDIA ConnectX-7 NICs for efficient data transfer between nodes and GPUs.


The Storage Scale System 6000 is part of IBM’s global data platform for unstructured data. It allows organizations to connect data from various sources, including core, edge, and cloud environments. This enables AI workloads to access data from diverse locations and sources, facilitating real-time data integration and analysis.

The IBM Storage Scale System 6000 provides the high-performance, scalability, and data management capabilities required for AI workloads. It offers fast data access, efficient storage, data security, and integration with AI frameworks and NVIDIA solutions, making it a valuable asset for organizations looking to accelerate their AI initiatives.

The IBM Storage Scale System 6000 represents a significant leap forward in data management and AI processing capabilities, addressing the critical need for efficient, high-performance storage solutions in an era dominated by data-intensive tasks and AI-driven applications.

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