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Research Brief: IBM & Palo Alto Networks Strategic Partnership

IBM and Palo Alto Networks recently entered into a groundbreaking partnership, driving a substantial shift in the cybersecurity landscape. The new collaboration leverages each company’s strengths to enhance AI-powered customer security outcomes, while also moving IBM’s QRadar offering to Palo Alto Networks.

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Research Report: Taming the AI-enabled Edge with HCI-based Architectures

Despite the tremendous business benefits of edge computing, it arrives with complex challenges, including managing geographically dispersed nodes, security risks, and integrating with existing IT infrastructure. These challenges can best be addressed with an architecture built around Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, which streamlines management and enhances performance.

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Research Paper: Oracle Database Vector Search

Oracle introduced full support for vectors, including vector search, in its just-released Oracle Database 23ai. Known as AI Vector Search, this capability represents a significant advancement in how databases can store, index, and search data semantically.

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Research Brief: Oracle Database 23ai

Oracle announced the release of Oracle Database 23ai. As its name implies, this long-term support version integrates seamlessly with artificial intelligence. Beyond new GenAI-focused features, it includes more than 300 new features that enhance app development, support mission-critical workloads, and simplify the integration of AI with data.

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Research Report: Oracle Database@Azure

Oracle and Microsoft Azure recently announced Oracle@Azure, making Microsoft Azure the only cloud provider besides Oracle itself capable of running Oracle’s database services with the performance, reliability, and security of Oracle Exadata and OCI

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